Hello fellows, my esteemed readers, I was privileged to assist in a surgery today, a hiernotomy. It was an interesting and exciting one. As I saw the 2yrs old child on the theatre bed, I only wondered how illness and disease conditions pay no respect to age or social status.

I see children born with congenital anomalies some of which are the parents cause, and others unknown… They are everywhere, when u log on to Facebook there are pictures here and there of children with anomalies or affected by one clinical condition, and you are asked to type Amen.

It is always wise to read, listen and pay head to advise.  In almost every health book, magazine, on TV, radio, Internet, church… Infact it has become a song that too much of alcohol and smoking is bad. This is the inevitable truth whether you like it or not. In pregnancy, these cause a whole lot of damage to the unborn fetus, talk more of the damage to the individual who consumes these products.

We are to be health conscious always. If you notice any new development in or on your body or that of your children, please visit a specialist immediately

doctor alabi

for we know a stitch in time saves nine. Do the much you can to stay in good health for illness, death doesn’t respect anybody.


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