The Operating Room (previously called Theatre) is a ‘sacred place’. A lot is at stake for both patients and doctors; more for the patient I must say. The OR operates a system of hierarchy where every aspect is controlled by colours.

healthcare-file-folder-medical-stethoscope-15270438Colours abound in a standard OR. From the entry point you see a bright red colour (which means you must not progress until you have the OR attire on you), to the different colours worn by workers.

Nurse have Pink as the colour of their wear. Senior nurses have a wider range of options to put on green or light blue. Doctors stick to green in most standard operating room, but it is not out of place to some doctors wear blue.

MD abroad

A consultant is the chief in every unit. He is the leader of every medical every medical unit. It is my guess that by an unwritten code, they are free to dress in a particular fashion that none other could do. So in my facility, the dark-blue OR wear is left for consultants. While the remainder of us must wear a net over our hair (a very dull colour, the consultants could wear a mixture of colours to suit his mood and character.

It is no wonder that patients easily identify the ‘Chief’ among a hoard of unit members. The consultant should stands out from other doctors and other health care giver in the operating room.

It is my observation that the colour system of every standard hospital facility has contributed to the harmonious ambience that is felt on stepping into the hospital. Every level has its own colour. Find your ‘colour’ today and you easily blend unseen, in the blurry of activities which characterises a hospital.



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