Barring any last minute changes, the Madonna University, Nigeria authorities may have taken a step back on one of it key rules and regulations. For years now, medical students and indeed all other students from various departments across its three campuses, have been barred from using camera phones on campus. But this is now history!!!


This was announced by Rev Fr Micheal Melladu, a Catholic priest in the congregation of Father’s of Jesus The Saviour, the owners of the university. The announcement came via Fr Micheal’s official Facebook page… this was how the message reads;

The remaining part of WIFI network in Madonna University has just been completed. With this in place, students are assured of having access to internet services in every part of the institution. While this programme is about to be kicked off, it is necessary to put in place certain realities that will necesitate maximum use of the facility. On this note, we are encouraging all our students from the three campuses to come along with ipads, tablets, note books and above CAMERA PHONES. Do enjoy your holidays.

Madonna University community, especially the teaching hospital has been agog with this latest development, an unexpected turn of events. Mixed reaction trailed the announcement, with some believing that it is only a passing phase, hence reserving their jubilation for another day. Others agree that it was long overdue, and that since the Wifi project would soon be launched, it makes total sense. Read some of the comments, by students after the epic announcement; IMG_20150828_233842 IMG_20150828_233854


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