The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) wishes to inform parents and guardian of prospective medical doctors and dental surgeon, their wards and the general public to note the following important announcements:
The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) is the regulatory body for the practice and training of Medicine, Dentistry and Alternative Medicine in Nigeria as contained in the enabling Act CAP M8 LFN 2010 (as amended). Council accepts (for registration and licensing) only qualifications obtained from Accredited Training Institutions both in Nigeria and abroad.
The attention of the Council has however been drawn to cases where unsuspecting parents of prospective medical and dental students are being lured into registering their wards in unaccredited training institutions and graduates of such institutions are bringing certificates to Council for registration.
Council is aware of a particular institution called HOUDEGBE NORTH AMERICAN UNIVERSITY BENIN in Benin Republic issuing such certificates.
The Council strongly states that HOUDEGBE NORTH AMERICAN UNIVERSITY BENIN in Benin Republic is not accredited by the Government of Benin Republic, (its home base) to offer courses in medicine or dentistry and therefore its certificates are not recognized by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
The Council wishes to state unequivocally that any student or graduate who undertook the study of medicine or dentistry and obtain certificate from that University or any other unaccredited institutions does so in his/her own interest and should note that such certificates will not be recognised by the Council and holders of such certificates CANNOT practice medicine and dentistry in Nigeria.
The Council further reminds the public and all stakeholders that the registration and licensing by the Council is not a right but a privilege solely reserved by it in accordance with the provision of the enabling Act Cap M8 LFN 2010 (as amended).
The Council will continue to ensure that; only the prospective medical or dental graduates that have undergone courses of training in approved institutions are registered and licensed to practice these professions in Nigeria.
The public should constantly beware of unscrupulous agents seeking to exploit them and are encouraged to visit the Council’s website, for medical and dental training and practice in Nigeria.
Dr. Abdulmumini A. Ibrahim, mni., Dsc, (HC) Registrar 


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