As a public commentator, Oyibo Ibibo Ibibo sure has a critical perception about anomalies, especially when the anomaly is glaring and basically unfounded. As a med-student, he has risen far above his peers, especially when it comes to analysis of matters in public court. His latest view on the brazen attitude of Nigerians to the terrorist attack in Paris, is one of many.

He may be correct or he may be wrong about the trend, #PrayForParis. But he sure wants Nigerians to be true to themselves and stop pursuing after trending events. This is what he believes.


It’s really funny (and maybe annoying) how there would be lives lost everyday in our country and when France has one attack, we all go ‪#‎prayforFrance‬. In truth, half the people use the hashtags to look trendy….they don’t even pray. The Bible encourages us to pray for ‘our Jerusalem’. We have kidnappings, high rates of corruption, insurgency, a faulty system, people crying for secession to mention a few,and here we are following trends for a country some of us have no family or economic attachment to. Don’t get me wrong…I respect life, but I’d rather have my countrymen do right by ‪#‎prayingforNigeria‬ and then we can#prayforAfrica n ‪#‎prayfortheMiddleEast‬ n ‪#‎prayfortheworld‬. Let’s stop trends n start being human.

Do you agree with his post?! Are Nigerians veering off at this point in time?


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