He simply identified himself as ‘Clinical Dude’. Clinical Dude went to the Executive canteen to get his usual breakfast but was surprised by this latest development/service offered by the canteen. He sent in his experience and some photos too, this morning to our twitter handle, @dremini15.

He believes that though the canteen, among others, offers a variety of tasty meals to clinical students close to the teaching hospital, this latest service has come to stay.

He ordered for his meal, but was promptly redirected to a section, where he was to make first payment before he would be service. This is a new one in the university community, which has been predominantly cash-based.

He waited for his friends, who followed the same process too. See their voucher below;

Clinical Dude Voucher and That of his Friends.
Clinical Dude Voucher and That of his Friends.

Even if you need to get pure water, you would have to join the queue, no matter how long that is, before you can quench your thirst.


Clinical Dude thinks it is a good development, but wishes more points could be provided for customers, who are mainly students, to have a easy access to their meals.

But Voucher for only pure water? What do you think… Bureaucracy or Better services???

Visit our twitter handle, @dremini15 for more developments and to share your experiences in your own medical school!!! See you there.


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