Queen Okorafor: Nigeria's Queen Of Hairs
For some time now, the talk of this union has been in the air. The doctor and groom, Dr Chibuike, actually works in the Paediatric department while the nurse and bride, Staff Chiamaka, works in the Obstetric and Gynaecology department, here in our facility.Calm and calculated, Dr Malachy is moves on, from one patient after another, giving them that optimum care and attention they deserve. Most clinical students relate well with him because he takes time and care to put them through any unclear point or detail. One student actually confided in me that he has a charming smile and disposition. For me, it was his beautiful, meticulously shiny car that got my attention. I have long concluded that he is a meticulous fellow.She may present to first time observers as a cold, distant nurse. But when one gets close to relating with her, she has so much more behind that facade. She is a personification of that saying, ‘As caring as nurse’. I for one know that she loves to sing, because we are members of the same choir. She sings in the highest range of a female singing voice. I noticed she is everly punctual, and dedicated in service to patients. For me, she comes across as one who got it right choosing to answer the call to serve; the call to be a nurse.For most of us in this our hospital community, they have got it right. Deciding to forever be together and consummating it today in that sacred act of holy matrimony, nothing can be more fulfilling.
But why would i refer to them as bad doctor and bad nurse? Are they truly bad? Is there something every other person is missing but i see clearly? Is this an unwritten, unclear pact that is doomed to fail? Should i let the cat out of the bag?I would rather put it this way: LIFE IS FILLED WITH IRONIES. But it is no irony that there is sincere love joining the couple today. It is clear by the level of palpable joy in the air, that Doctors and Nurses can happily coexist. The ‘badness’ that I express, is the only irony in this article. Other things stand true and clear from where i stand, observing.

First published in Doctors Quarter’s Blog


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