A new handheld blood test device is able to rapidly diagnosis heart attacks at the point of care.


Get Striking Difference Between A Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest

The new Minicare I-20 handheld device, developed by Philips, is designed for use in emergency departments to dramatically reduce the time physicians take to diagnose heart attacks

Handheld device
The new device detects proteins in the blood stream following a heart attack, providing results in just 10 minutes.
Image credit: Philips

Using just a single droplet of blood, the device detects proteins present in the blood stream following a heart attack and provides a result in 10 minutes instead of the usual 60-minute wait for lab results.For patients presenting at emergency departments with chest pains, the device can be used to administer an immediate test, with results delivered while the patient is being assessed and a medical history taken. This reduces the time for the physician to decide on treatment.

Using the device simplifies the patient-doctor interaction and improves the way in which physicians are able to deliver care.

The system works by measuring the level of cardiac troponin I (cTnI), a protein that is excreted by the heart muscle into the blood following a heart attack.

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