Field trips can be interesting, especially when it is done with friends, colleagues or even with family members. Local or international, field trips are a delight. It is like going on a tour, but this time, it is with a purpose; an objective which must be attained.

Field trips could be on social grounds, educational grounds, fact finding missions etc. But what is coming among all these trips is that it involves moving a number of people to an ‘unknown’ place; moving from the known to the unknown!

It is like when a field trip is organised for a set of medical student, to visit a brewery facility, an out-of-locality brewery facility. This would be a new ground for them, the urge, the spikes in hormone levels et al, may add to the vulnerability of the field trip attendees. Most people would like to explore, to satiate a primordial graving…

A field trip of this magnitude is one that accompanying hazards can not be ruled out. Biological, physical, chemical hazards must be factored in, must be put in review if the trip is to be ‘complete’. This is where a Trip physician and his team, come in.

A trip physician, is one who is the lead doctor on a trip; providing as it were, a medical perspective to any and all event that would have occurred at each stage of the trip. The trip physician would be privy to the Medical history of the trip participants or attendees. He documents any medical relevant episodes for future references. A trip doctor/physician would carry out any resuscitative procedure when the need arises, he treats any physical trauma, laceration, bruising during any trip.

The task of a Trip physician and his team, is one that requires a certain level of professionalism that blends both emergency resuscitation skills and a touch of humanity. advises any organiser of a field trips, to integrate this important component in its plans. This way, the health of people would be assured in their comfort zones and ‘out of their comfort zone’.


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