Malam Murtala Inuwa, a nutritionist with the Kano State Primary HealthCare Management Board, says exclusive breast feeding will end malnutrition among children.

Inuwa stated this on Wednesday in Kano that high rate of malnutrition originated from lack of exclusive breastfeeding. He explained that “breast feeding occur at three stages with the first feeding being exclusively water, then a slightly concentrated one and finally the one with full nutrients”.

Inuwa noted that many mothers hardly exercise patience for the child to feed to the last stage, which was the most important stage containing all the nutrients a child needed. However, he stressed the need for mothers to exercise patience until the child feeds on the core, thus sweating furiously before they switched between the breasts.

The nutritionist called for the need to create awareness amongst parents and health workers that no food could substitute exclusive breastfeeding.

Inuwa further charged mothers to eat healthy food in order to feed their children exclusively so as to fight the acute malnutrition level in the state.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper


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