Dear friend of DKT,
I am pleased to announce the exciting news that DKT and Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceutical have entered into a strategic partnership to increase access to and use of contraceptive implants.
Effective today, DKT will serve as the global marketing partner for Levoplant, a WHO-prequalified implant. DKT will assume responsibility for introducing Levoplant into new markets, fulfilling purchase orders, developing educational and promotional materials, and servicing customer needs. Dahua will continue manufacturing Levoplant and adhering to global quality standards. The partnership between the two organizations will be a marriage of strengths as we scale up demand for Levoplant and offer women an affordable implant alternative.
We are equally excited to announce that we will now offer the Levoplant at a price of $6.90 per unit for FP2020 countries, 69 countries with the greatest unmet need for family planning.
Levoplant is a long-acting, reversible contraceptive and is effective for three years. It is highly effective at preventing pregnancy with limited side effects and an immediate return to fertility.
For the full press release, please click HERE.
With very best regards,
Christopher Purdy


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