Many a time, some of us have nobel ideas in us. But the problem is getting it executed in a professional and efficient manner. This is particularly so when the project is largely a course for charity. I becomes a rare thing to meet somebody of goodwill and intention, aiming at helping people he knows may never repay him. What is more is that, he goes out of his way to solicit for funds to his project done, not for vain name or glory, but for humanity.

This is the situation Corper Kase OGHENERIEBORUE Sunny, a graduate of philosophy Madonna university Nigeria okija Campus. I think you should hear him yourself…

I went to this village/community called Ambam Kanikon in Kaduna state Kafanchan, and to my greatest surprised this people still drink water from the well and river when the well is dried up. I vowed not to leave this land without getting a borehole for them but I need people who will join me in raising the fund for this project.

Corper Kase and his adorable pupils in Kaduna State.
Corper Kase and his adorable pupils in Kaduna State.

The project is costing 800,000 naira I need your assistance all I need is 700 people that can give me 1000 each or above you can contact me on 07032841539 if you wish to assist God bless you as you assist.

The project have been achieved/approved and am kicking off next month thanks…

He Obviously means well for the community and it would only be proper that every man or woman of conscience should support this good course and join him impact a major change in the lives of those children, and indeed the total villagers.

Already is playing its part. We would partner with him to ensure that updates on a weekly basis is brought to you.




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