The National Association of Resident Doctors, NARD, has held its National executive council meeting. The resident doctors had in the meeting issued a 21 day ultimatum beginning from Monday the 4th of April till the 25th of April.
Among the resolutions reached at the meeting include but not limited to issues on unpaid salaries of state university teaching hospitals (SUTHs), full lateral implementation of skipping, outstanding payment of salary/ relativity and other shortfalls. Others include residency Training policy guidelines, victimization of residents and casualization of residency training (locum) amongst others.
The strike at state university teaching hospitals will commence serially at the expiration of the 21 days ultimatum beginning from Osun state, then the entire South West a week after Osun with National joining a week after South West.
The minimum end point would be that all outstanding salaries/shortfalls/relativity arrears and 100% skipping must be palpated by all federal Teaching Hospitals/FMCs, plus settling of the state university teaching hospital issues.
SOURCE: Medical World Nigeria


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