GUEST POST: Having beautiful skin is gift of nature but maintaining it today is difficult especially for people with hypersensitive skin. It requires a lot of effort and hard work to put in. However here are simple tips that you can adopt to avoid skin breakouts.

Wash Your Face At Night:

After a long tiring day majority of the women go to bed without washing face at night. If you have sensitive skin you are risking your skin. Daily our skin comes in contact with pollution and different gasses that stay on your skin and can cause damage to your skin. Secondly, makeup is packed with different kind of chemicals that can not cause any damage within a specified time. But covering your skin with makeup for a longer time can cause breakouts. Therefore, whether you have hypersensitive skin or not one should cleanse their face at night to washout pollution, dirt and debris. Removing makeup lets your skin breathe well and stay healthier.


Moisturizing your skin is important whether you have oily, combination or dry sensitive skin. Soaps and facial washes take off the natural moisturizer from your skin as well which leads to excessive secretion of sebum leading to acne and pimples. No matter what skin type you have or what products you use moisturizing your skin is important because it creates a wall between dirt and bacteria to get in touch with your skin and it also reduces your pores, smooths skin and avoids skin drying out.

Choose Your Makeup Wisely:

As I have mentioned above that makeup is loaded with chemicals that can harm your skin especially if it comes to sensitive skin. Therefore, if you are buying any makeup product for the first time does not forget to patch test before you starting applying on your overall face. Apply small amount of the product at the back of your ear or neck and leave it there for 24 hours. If no reaction is caused you are good to go. In addition to this pick your makeup wisely non-fragrant, non-artificial color products are best for sensitive skin. However hypoallergenic makeup products have might formula specially made for sensitive skin. To know more about hypoallergenic makeup products check our latest post here.

Stay Hydrated:

A tip that requires no extra effort is to keep your body hydrated to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Doctors recommend taking 8 glass of water daily. The adequate amount of water helps to cleanse our body and washes out toxins that leave your body healthy and your skin ultimately.


Sensitive skin gets easily irritated with sun therefore it needs protection. The ultraviolet rays emitting from sun get absorbed in your skin and can damage it. Therefore, while stepping out of your house always apply a sunscreen. If you are a makeup freak try to choose a concealer, BB or CC creams that have built in SPF properties. The best option is to visit a dermatologist can apply a doctor’s prescribed sunscreen.

Keep It Clean:

If you have hypersensitive skin keeping things around you clean is must. The dirt, debris and bacteria make their homes in the carpet so I would suggest you to not place a carpet in your room and if you have one vacuum it every week. Other than this try to change your pillow cases every third day because you have last days dust, dead skin cells or hair residues over it.  Last but not the least keeps your makeup implements clean. Wash your foundation brushes frequently because it not only contains makeup build in but also bacteria built-in and applying makeup with such implements means transferring germs to destroy your skin.


I know this sound a little out of track but in real it is not. You can reduce skin breakouts by exercising because exercising improves your blood circulation, increases intake of oxygen, helps body in releasing fumes, reduces stress and strengthen your immune system. A healthy body leads to maintain healthy skin.

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