It is so palpable. The fear, the uncertainty. News of problem started coming in yesterday when indications of a freeze (or outright shut-down) surfaced all over social media. Already the health implications are cripping in, with suicidal attempts via poisoning and physical attacks being reported in certains regions of the country

The MMM Scheme became so popular among Nigerians in so short a time. It was indeed a beacon of hope for all who nearly tilted into economic despair. It seemed like the only way out of the self-inflicted economic recession being experienced in the largest country in Africa. Virtually every person had bought into the scheme, with many believing it came at a time Nigerians needed it the most. The rich and poor, educated and uneducated, lettered and unlettered, every segment of the society is represented in this scheme that seems to be the largest in the history of Nigeria.

America’s leading media outfit, CNN, had earlier done a report on the role MMM is playing in cushioning the effect of scheme on Nigerian in general. Even though I had not seen the report, i gathered it was a glowing report. But with this recent set-back, what would be the effect on numerous Nigerians who might have staked all of their holdings (financially or property wise), on a scheme many, including the Nigerian Government, had warned may shutdown suddenly and unexpectedly.

MMM had begin to have an overwhelming shear magnitude and direction in the way the average Nigerian lived. I project that the health implication may be near an ‘epidemic’ of some sorts. It is my humbly opinion that health professionals, especially Medical Doctors who usually are the team leaders in patient management, must note this new trend. A trend where there would be heightened incidences of:

  • Suicidal Attempts: the most likely and most common already being reported.
  • Physical Assaults: This could be self-inflicted or caused by aggreived participants who feel shor-changed by the process and transfers the aggression on a victim.
  • Hypertension: this silent killer should be looked out for, especially when there is a history of being a participant in the ponzi scheme.
  • Depression with or without psychosis
  • Malnutrition especially among young children

Let all hospital facilities be prepared over the next few week, up to the presumed time (January 13, 2017) the MMM program would come back on stream. We have created this albatross for ourselves and we must be prepared for all that comes with it.

A modification of the clerking pattern is advocated by to cater for an added occupational status of MMM participant with all the accompanying risk factors of reduced sleep, stress, poor diet etc. Doctors must have a high index of suspicion for a good diagnosis to be made… MMM-Induced Conditions should not be overlooked!!!




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