This is the month of July. The rains are usually at its peak or plateau. It has been rainy almost non ceaselessly since yesterday. It’s no surprise for us here in Nigeria. We can only hope ‘August Break’ comes as quick as possible. But in the meantime, we should protect the vulnerable ones in our midst.

Children are one of the vulnerable groups in the society. Schools must still go on despite the rains and this may be an avenue where school children are exposed to the elements, especially the rains. Hence their vulnerability. But proactive parents and guardians must protect their children by optimising their health.

For every school child, these are what could be gotten for them, in this rainy season;

  • A pair of rain boots: for efficient protection of the feet. Children love to run about in the rain, it would be wise to let them do this in a pair of protective rain boots.
  • Rain Coat is the next article for a child in this season. Adult may easily walk under the rain and not catch a cold. The rain coat should be waterproof please.
  • A thick wool sweater. Do remember to place this in their school back when the prepare for school.

Remember that these are not luxuries for your ward or child. Children love these articles, I remembered I did when I was younger. It is important that the health of every child be taken seriously. These are the little ways to check child mortality.


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