7 Unbelievable Reasons Why Some Ladies Are Afraid Of Or Feel They Don’t Need Exercise (MUST READ)…

This may be blunt, but it is the truth. So get ready ladies, as I take the public into our world… Experience speaks!!!

I am a kind of person who believes in doing a lot of workout or fitness exercise cause it is fun and mind relaxing and really keeps my figure intact. And then some times I look for people who would be interested in working out and then I found out some interesting things. Some ladies gave some reasons for not wanting to join.

1. Fear of being muscular

Some ladies feel that if they engage in workouts or exercise programs, they would develop a lot of muscle like that of a man. Some times you would probably hear, ‘push ups will make my hands strong and muscular’

2. It is stressful…

Some say its not easy to wake up at the early hours of the morning to jog. After that, they are too tired to perform the rest of the days activities

3. It will make me sweat

This Is one thing that makes a lady very very uncomfortable at anytime especially when her clothes are sticky.

4. It will make me have ‘yams’

About 70% of ladies love their legs because for some, its a side attraction for them. Gives them the liberty of wearing short and sexy outfits. And when the term exercise is mentioned, she doesn’t want her calf muscles to increase in size.

5. ‘I am already slim’ or ‘in shape’

Wrong! ! Some feel they would lose all flesh if they did engage in exercise. But that thinking is totally wrong. exercise puts one in shape, increase the capacity of the lungs and heart and other working organs. It saves one from the onset of heart diseases and others. One who takes exercises seriously will stand a chance or chances of not being very fat during pregnancy and after birth of her child.

6. don’t like my ‘boobs’ to be shaking anyhow

Some ladies, especially those with big breasts do not like to have their breast shaking and jumping or dancing when they are doing exercise. Making them uncomfortable. That is why, a sports bra was invented.

7. “I am scared of sustaining injury”

We all have this notion that ladies are very fragile and so, little stress on their body will produce one injury or another especially for those who have really nice skins.

Exercise is one of the fastest ways to good health. If one takes part in exercise, proper eating habits and lifestyle and hygiene, there would be no need to buy drugs to treat illness or diseases.


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