Weight loss or gain issues keep popping up across most social media trending conversations. A number of people keep making, or falling for, basic mistakes about this social topic. Quora user, Kim Johnson – Doctor, Physiologist, and certified body trainer, put down a beautiful piece of 15 scientific foods you must stick to if you are to maintain a good health and optimal body weight… I understand that some of the specifics may not apply universally to all my readers, but there is a tonne of lessons to be learnt from this beautiful piece. Just rejig it and stay healthy.

Hope this helps?!!!

1. Eat the foods you enjoy

Many people think that their food is more of their interest, except eating them, they understand that their weight will be under control. But Lisa Sasson, a nutritionist at the University of New York, said it is a farsighted remark. If you do not like the foods you do not like to eat, but instead you will be failing. Food is a delightful experience. If you exclude all the foods you like from your diet then you will not be able to do your work schedule.

2. Moderate amount

When you eat foods keeping in mind the weight control, a mental ingredient is added to the diet. If we are aware of the weight loss and the quantity of food we will win half of the war. You can avoid taking extra food. And the most effective way of controlling the weight is to eat a moderate amount of food.

3. Avoid restaurants

In order to maintain the quantity of food intake, do not eat more than one hand in one meal for a meal. And while going out of the house, take home-made food with you. Because if you eat in the restaurant you will be given calorie-rich foods more than you need.

4. Eat more than fiber and protein-rich foods

Fiber and proteins will keep you in full time. These ingredients are very small in candied and cooked foods. These are easily absorbable. That is why satisfaction is not achieved because of eating a bamboo chips after eating a foamy potato potato. If there is plenty of food then there is no danger of hunger.

5. Eat Mediterranean food

Studies have shown that so-called Mediterranean diet helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And provides possible memory-related benefits. And in a recent study, with the planned eating habits, there is also a link between the risk of lowering breast cancer among elderly women. Olive oil, pasta, hammas, tomato groves salad are known as these Mediterranean foods.

6. Accept calories from food rather than drinks

Avoid drinks like juice and soda. Because the stored calories can store extra calories in your body. Studies have shown that weight loss is controlled by avoiding calorified beverages.

7. Be flexible

Flexible food planning is the key to keeping weight in control. Instead of eating the same food every day, keep the diversity in the diet all the time.

8. Eat easily eaten foods

The germs that you live in your stomach make an important role in the digestion of foods you eat. In a recent study, Swedish researchers discovered a mathematical formula for selecting food consistent with some stomach germs. According to this formula, one can easily select special digestible food for him. As well as keeping your weight under control, you can also be protected from some diseases.

However, this study is not final yet. Only in the initial stage. But in addition to any formula, eat healthy dairy products, vegetables, poultry, fish, eggs and oilseeds, if you want to learn healthy eating habit.

9. In addition to the trimmilage, the easy way to control weight

Avoid eating habits only if you are very hungry. This will eliminate the risk of ovulation. Another simple way to avoid overeating is to drink at least 16 ounces of water before 30 minutes before refresh food. Studies show that those who drink water before eating can reduce weight by 27 pounds more than those who do not drink water.

10. Do not go to the grocery store as hungry

A small study found that if one was hungry, he would buy more than one-third of the unhealthy food in general than the usual buyers while in grocery stores. So be careful not only about what you are eating but also about what you are buying.

11. Sleeping in adequate quantity at night

Along with the feeling of sleep, beware of the intense desire for food consumption. Studies have shown that if we do not sleep at night, our interest in eating fat and unhealthy foods increases. If we do not sleep properly then we become tired and we need extra strength. And that is why we are interested in taking gourmet and delicious but unhealthy foods.

12. Regularly breakfast breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Proof of evidence has been found in the study, it is good to have digestion while playing breakfast regularly in the morning. And athletes always eat high protein, complex carbohydrate and low sugar foods.

13. No more snack after dinner

A brief study conducted on 29 young people found that they are taking less than 238 calories a day. When they were prohibited from taking any food between 7pm and 8pm. This has reduced their high fat and high calorie intake rates.

14. Avoid diet drinks

20% of Americans drink at least one soda daily. A study conducted from 1979 to 1996, found that people who drink soda regularly, their waist size is increasing by 75%, compared to those who drink irregular soda or do not drink soda at all.

15. Do not be hungry much

Avoid stay overtly hungry… Research have repeatedly shown that starvation do not help in weight lose, or in living healthy lives. Never stay too hungry.



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