World AIDS Day: “Rather than get a Quickie, get tested today” – DKT Intl Nigeria

Getting tested for HIV is faster than getting a quickie; It doesn’t take as long but you can cum out relieved or armed with the right knowledge to improve your health”

Knowing your HIV status is very vital for your well being and not knowing your status is like a lady who does not know when her period would come and gets caught in public, clothes stained and in distress. So what measures have you put in place to prevent HIV, to ensure that “e no dey your body at all”?

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Some people have sex with multiple partners (2 or more) without using a condom… This is an easy way to write love letters to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some people would say they always use a condom, but in case you do not know this, HIV is not only spread through sexual intercourse but through infected sharp objects (like that needle used in making your hair, that clipper and knives and other similar objects around the home) or from an infected mother to her child (only if the mother does not know her status and is not on HIV medication) and through poorly screened blood transfusions.

Today December 1 is World Aids day; it is a day set aside to create awareness on HIV/AIDS. We have lost a lot of people to this virus and not because there is no solution to keep it under control, but because these people did not get tested and found out they had the disease when it was advanced. Luckily, these days there are several medicines that can help HIV positive people control the virus and to live full and successful lives without becoming sicker than someone who is HIV negative, or transferring the virus to their partners and children. So, let’s stop the assumptions and second-guessing, and especially stop testing each other with our eyes and go to a pharmacy or hospital for a proper HIV test. In less than 10 minutes and you are done!

Sex has the highest risk of transferring HIV and so you need to change your behavior under the sheets so as to avoid becoming one of the newly infected people in this country every month. How? Use condoms during sex!!!

Did I hear you say condoms are boring or reduce pleasure? Then that means you have not heard of Fiesta condoms which come in 12 exciting options, dotted, ribbed, 3-in-1 pleasure, condoms that Glow, strawberry, and chocolate flavored and even more variants. Inside this mix, there is definitely something for every personality.

Use Fiesta condoms to convince your partner that safe sex is great sex and it can be exciting and exploratory too ‘cos, what you haven’t even thought of that a condom can do, we have gone ahead of time to think and make it available just for you.

So, stop by a supermarket, chemist shop, convenient stores, and pharmacies around you and get one TODAY for just #150 to #250. Now, this is what they call awoof! or would it be called everyday Christmas?

Well, call it whatever you want, just make sure you stay protected when next you have to go down.

Sex is fun, but having sex with Fiesta condoms is ‘even more fun’,

Happy World AIDS Day.

This is a press statement as released by DKT Nigeria and shared with on this World AIDS Day.


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