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#SocialMediaVoce: Why are they trying to depopulate Africa using AIDS and Ebola.

This week on Social Media Voce, I ‘ll be sharing my response to a my Quora Question – “Why are they trying to depopulate Africa using AIDS and Ebola?”

Thousands of readers have gone through my response and I thought it would be valuable for you as well.

Feel free to also add your contributions in the comment section below… Enjoy!!

I am not sure how this answer should go, but I am quite sure that Ebola and AIDS are causing a devastating blow to Africa.

There have been numerous theories about the origin of Ebola and AIDS. One of the theories is paranoia driven, and many Africans believe this account.

It is said that the Western world especially the USA, recognizes that Africa is on a fast lane to becoming truly liberated (economically and otherwise). So some scientists have been commissioned to develop and formulate biological weapons that would be unleashed on the African continent.

These scientists probably work in the deepest recesses of some hidden, highly automated and futuristic laboratory. There has been a lot of progress recorded – AIDS and Ebola are the results.

I must at this point recognize that these scientists have also recorded failed attempts, with regards to creating more deadly strains.

Packaged as foreign Aids, these diseases, AIDS and Ebola, are brought into Africa.

This is an abridged version of the Paranoia Theory… A lot of Africans believe this to be true.

I find this Theory confusing and distressing… and I am always slow to pass the bulk since we all have our part to play.

AIDS and Ebola are devastating Africa because of greater issues plaguing the continent – there is a massive, pervasive system failure.

Africans need to get our acts right. We have no other place to call home than here. The earlier we understand this, the less difficult it becomes to overcome some perennial problems, like Ebola and AIDS.

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