West Africa NursesThe Rivers/ Bayelsa branch of the West African College of Nursing, a specialized Agency of the West African Health organization has announced its intention to organise a Certificate course for NURSES on  Disaster Nursing: Emergency Preparedness

According to the planning committee chairman Nurse Jude Chiedu FWACN, the 5 day course is designed to equip nurses with adequate knowledge, skills and attitude necessary in the management of victims of disasters.

 At the end of the course participants would be able to:
1. Identify the different roles of the emergency medical team in disaster situation.
2. Give appropriate emergency/first aid measure to victims of disaster.
3. Initiate appropriate management of all body systems affected during disaster.
4. Educate the public towards the importance of community participation during disaster.
5. Inititae and conduct triage for multiple injured victims of disasters.
6. Develop a national guideline on emergency management of disaster victims.
Target audience for the course include:
1. Registered Nursew with Nursinga nd Midwifery council of Nigeria with a current license to practice
2. Qualified Nurses practicing in Accident and Emergency Department of their hosptials
3. Nurse Clinicians in the following areas of practice.
Government hosptials, private hospitals, Neuro-psychiatric Hosptials, industries, corporate institutions, educational institutions, teaching hospitals, specialist hospitals eg National orthopaedic hosptal, Armed forces (police, army, navy, airforce), federal road safety commission, customs, prisons, airport authority, red cross society, fire services, old peoples home, Nursing homes, Rehabilitation centers, Non governmental organization, missions hospitals
More details to be announced Soon
Source; Medical World Nigeria.


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