The Jigawa State Governor, Badaru Abubakar, have reeled out what his government hopes to achieve in the state in 2016.

“What we have discovered in the health sector is an acute shortage of medical personnel – nurses, midwives and doctors. So we plan to train 150 nurses and 60 doctors abroad next year; also, we plan to have another school of nursing in Hadejia.
“So that in a short period of time, we can have between 400 and 500 nurses churned out from different schools here and the ones that we will train abroad to take care of the acute shortage of health personnel.’’
About how he intends to increase and keep the number of doctors in his state, he has this to say;
“We are working with the medical and dental council to help us source quality doctors from abroad and that is the major investment we want to do in the health sector because it is the major challenge.
“If you provide medicine, infrastructure, and equipment and there is no doctor it is useless; it is not going to work.
“So the major focus this year is getting the right personnel, while we work hand-in-hand to improve the infrastructure and the equipment of the hospitals.”


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