An early morning workout can be so fruitful. After a night of good rest, what is better than to attune the body system with a measured dose of exercise, done in the cool hours of the morning. Yes!!! It has been shown that the body optimizes all the action it is subjected to better in the early hours of a day, than at any other period of day.

Getting it right is equally as doing the work out itself. But it would be counter-productive when, after all that hard work, you do things that almost put you back to square-one. Simple as this may sound, we may not be getting the desired efforts from every workout, a major reason to stop exercising altogether.

The tips I am about to share are the personal observations and opinion of a ‘never-say-never’ workout master, who happened to be a clinical student and a firm believer that jogging is the best option, for all seeking to be fit, trim and ‘sharp’. I was in one of his session a day ago and he shared this eye-opening details with me.

I ll be assuming that the workout in question here is a jogging exercise, since it is his area of specialty.

First thing you should NEVER DO after a rigorous jogging exercise is DO NOT SIT, LIE DOWN OR SQUAT AT THE END. Rather bend over, and place your palms on your knees to support and hold you up OR keep walking, for about 40seconds, till you catch your breath again. This way, you take care of the lactic acid build-up in your muscles and you regain your strength, stamina in record time.

Second thing you should NEVER DO after your jogging exercise is NEVER JUMP INTO YOUR SHOWER IMMEDIATELY AFTER A JOGGING. Rather, take time and do some other body workout, like abdomen toning exercise, flexibility exercise, skipping or even muscle building exercise. This way you optimize the effort in the jogging and still feel the body pain or discomfort get equally distributed to all body part. This is good!!!

Third thing you MUST NEVER DO after a rigorous jogging exercise is TO EAT A MEAL JUST AFTER GETTING DONE WITH YOUR WORKOUT. This is the gravest of all. It would be like pouring water into basket. All your jogging effort will be flushed down the drain. Rather take one-half glass full of water!!! Rest and after 1 hour, then you can take your breakfast.

I believe this works because it shows on him and his trainee. They are simple, but costly, mistakes we make as we workout to get that perfect body that comes with good health. Desist from the above and see how your efforts will be turned to instant results. It works almost like magic…




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