A friend and colleague of mine visited Akwa Ibom State some months back. Being a first time visitor to the state, he had a lot of good reports from his trip. According to him, the state specialist, still under construction at the time, was the best he had ever seen. He applauded the fact that the facility was stocked with high calibre equipment and machines.

Months after, this same facility is ready for use. I believe it would be the best in the subregion. At a press conference organised by the state’s commissioner of Health, Dr Dominic Ukpong, where he presented the hospital’s experts drawn from fields of medicine, he has this to say;

“In the first place I want people to know that this is a referal hospital for tertiary health facilities in the sense that medical issues beyond the reach of the teaching hospitals we have in thus part of the world can be referred to here.
“The equipments we have here and the capacities of the medical experts we have recruited to start the hospital are meant to redirect medical tourism from India and Europe to Akwa Ibom and we are confident that with the superior services we are offering here the hospital will in a short time become a reference point I Sub Saharan Africa at least.
“I am saying this because I have been a medical Doctor for long and I can assure you that the investment the state government has made here in terms of latest medical equipments is second to none.
 The world class facility boasts of a 640 slide CT scan, two CAT Labs for interventional cardiology and three  Modular Theatres that would ensure that things like open surgery, renal transplant and other major surgical operations are carried out  in the hospital.


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