Ties Restrict Blood Flow, Reduce Work Performance – Study

Men love ties. For some, it is a necessary accessory in the attire they wear to the office or any corporate or social function. It is also a part of many work uniforms.

However, a new study by researchers in Germany has warned that ties could hamper men’s work performance as it compresses veins that are important for the flow of blood to the brain.

The research scanned the brains of 30 young men, 15 of whom wore ties. They found a  significant drop in brain function among men who wore neckties during the MRI scan, as well as instant 7.5 percent drop in blood flow to the brain after the men put on ties.

The researcher Robin Lüddecke at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in the study published in the journal Stringer, recruited 30 young men, 15 of whom were told to put on a tie and 15 of whom did not wear a tie.

“He scanned the brains of each. Those who put on ties were told to tie it into a Full Windsor – one more twist than a simple tie formation – and to pull it tight. The research team saw an immediate drop in cerebral blood flow,” said MailOnline.

A smooth and steady flow of blood to the brain is crucial for all our neurons and cells to continue ticking along, transmitting messages and making it possible to respond instantly to an issue, conundrum or threat.

Research also shows that relaxation and exercise are crucial for improved blood flow to the brain.

Experts warn that while the decrease in blood flow would not trigger obvious symptoms, it is enough to impact cognitive functioning.

Other researchers before this new study had found evidence that a necktie increases pressure in a wearer’s eyes.

Source: Daily Trust News


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