Photo source; Dreams Time
Photo source; Dreams Time

Of course, more professionals are embracing what has come to stay. Though it is not totally bad in itself, the social media pandemic, running wild at the moment, is the next big thing that is taking everybody by storm. More and more health care givers are hooking up to any and every social networking site, since patients have gone virtual.

I notice that the official twitter page, @QuartersDoctors dedicated to giving out medical advice, counsel, quotes, encouragement and general health tips to its followers, have received so much patronage just in the past 2 months. This is the same for my INSTAGRAM PAGE. My findings reveal that more Nigerians want to access the best health care from a source they can trust, from a source that is close to them.

At the moment, Nigeria can only boast about a handful of social media experts who are medical doctors, or even medical students. But this will change soon, as more social media savvy doctors, like me, graduate from medical school. I have embraced this inevitable change… Have you?


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