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Taking a re-sit medical exam? Read this to inspire you.

GUEST POST: This is dedicated to all my noble colleagues and medics with particular reference to those in deep struggles with re-sits and different levels of demotion in Madonna University Teaching Hospital, Elele, Rivers State:

“Declare the past, diagnose the present,
Foretell the future; practice these acts.
As to disease, make a habit of two things:-
to help or at least do no harm”.
– Hippocrates

Medicine is both a science and an art; hence, the practitioner of the discipline embodies not just the qualities of a scientist but also houses the ability to express them. He acquires the skills, techniques, and knowledge and translates/applies them, in accepted medical codes and ethics to the recipient (patient ) – ‘Doctor-patient relationship’.

However, the medical training is not a smooth path to tread, but an integration of processes during which you are challenged with myriads of factors ranging from the finance to mental exhaustion. Among the cornerstones are the medical examinations (Almighty MBBS and others), which in turn envelopes varied courses that may be dealt with on just a sitting or two(2).

Occasionally, some trainees are required to face the subject(s) in more ways than one, prompting them to either being screened out or condescending to a lower class before scaling through a particular course; the latter being the reason for this abridged piece.

Nonetheless, it’s not a marker of life…neither does it always entail less brilliance compared to your contemporaries, as I have personally witnessed even the brightest of students are caught in casualty.

However, it’s going to confer on you a fresh privilege of getting to know more than they do in the real sense, including a few things you haven’t got to rehearse well previously. So take advantage of the situation to right all your past wrongs… take that stride, strive on with pride!

A lot of factors come to play in medical schools and examinations: malpractice, favoritism, facial nerve (ophthalmology) and the likes. Therefore, try not to feel bad to a point of depression; No need for hard feelings.

Just rest for a while, and then read up your lectures and attend all other tutorials that might be scheduled later on with the lecturers or other more experienced senior colleagues.

Improve your clerking skills and present to yourselves or any trusted seniors colleagues around. Discussions among yourselves shouldn’t be neglected either; Ward rounds, clinics should all be plenary.

Take away any form of shyness or uptightness… keep to your normal school life and read in ‘your’ convenient venue(s). Make more friends and exercise regularly during the hours.
Ask your lecturers questions each time you need to be clear about something and so much more.

Most importantly, maintain a good spiritual and prayerful life and practice. Yes!!! Place a high premium on your relationship with your creator.
Things would turn as expected in due course in the Name of the Living God

To cap it all, I spur you in the words of #Alia Bhatt:

“Whatever you do, do with sheer determination;
You have one life to live;
Do your work with passion, and give your best”.

Best of wishes to you.


Written by Dr. Chibuzor Onyia (Chybuz).

This is a Special Editorial feature to inspire readers who are medical students – keep faith in their studies, and to professionals – Never despair!

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