The August OGM held on the 5th of September, 2016 at the Paul Hendrickse Auditorium
The following deliberations were made;
A minute silence in honour of late Dr Edmondson Thiele, Senior registrar in Chemical pathology Department was observed. He was a hardworking, God fearing, very intelligent and dedicated gentle man. May his soul rest in peace
The following observations were made;
1. Management now deduct 20,000 from HOs who get accommodation at the HOR as caution fee
2. Completion of new HOR and renovation of the existing ones are still being neglected by management
3. Implementation of entry step for HOs is still being sorted at the MOH and NASS, and will be addressed in Enugu NARD AGM communiqué
4. Whereas many of the Medical officers who attended their promotion interviews were promoted with financial backing, 4 medical officers have been alleged by management not to have met the prerequisite for their promotion
5. IPPIS has not commenced payment of full salaries (with skipping) to deserving members on IPPIS
6. UCH allocation for personnel may finish after October salary as claimed by management
7. That Dr Olayemi is still imprisoned in India after several efforts by the exco in concert with the family and committee set up to find lasting solution to the imbroglio
8. That NARD is suggesting at least 25% of annual income as exam and update allowance in the ongoing residency training restructuring guideline, rather than refund as being practiced in most centers now
9. Management claims that there is no evidence to proof the case of assault on our member in the Department of Hematology after the police referred back the case to management, that it is within the jurisdiction of management to investigate such cases of conflicts at the work place
10. Mrs ogunniyi, our outgoing admin secretary has expressed her heart felt appreciation to all the exco and members for the gift items and opportunity to have served ARD-UCH in the past 16years
11. A member has written to the Exco alleging unfair treatment by previous disciplinary committee, leading to the AGM decision of punishment being served by the member presently
1. The Exco should pursue all pending issues vigorously and continue constructive negotiations with management
2. The Exco should investigate the allegation by management for non promotion of four medical officers and other promotion related complaints
3. A committee comprising the honourable speaker of the HOR as chairman, General Secretary as secretary, and chairmen of the disciplinary, budget monitoring, and audit committees as members should be set up to look into the alleged unfair hearing by previous Disciplinary committee
The president and the exco sincerely appreciate all of you for renewing our “verve to serve” and your commitment to ARD which is essential for our success as a leading body of intellectuals.
We remain especially committed to serving you
IM Mashor


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