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SocialMedia Voce: #FixNaijaHealthcare unite health workers… Govt slammed.

Three days ago, twitter community in Nigeria was awash with the hashtag #FixNaijaHealthCare – A hashtag that was trending in Lagos twitter for the most part of that day.

Now, Nigeria is known to have poor healthcare delivery system and perform below average in most Key Performance Indices in the sector. Health workers and healthcare service consumers, including patients, are fed up with the system.

So a few health workers (doctors, nurses, optometrist, administrators etc) came together, via Whatsapp platform, brainstormed and came up with the hashtag. The Whatsapp group – Health Hub – put together a solid plan and executed it with precision. This group has executed similar campaigns in the past that yielded positive results.

#FixNaijaHealthcare arose from some key questions. For me, this is not the time to place blames on any group but to awaken interest in our minds.

Doctoora.com joined the conversation and ran a poll that was a direct answer to the question DoctorsQuarters.com had asked.

According to the poll, it is clear that the Government would have to show some leadership role if the health care is to be fixed.

The poll also agrees that health professionals have a responsibility as well if the sector is to be fixed. This result may be a direct indictment on the professionals who choose strike as a first-option to express a slight displeasure with the government.

Career, Patient, Work-place: Which is the most Important?

And to some depressing real life experiences…

Now some undisputable Facts… Try not to be too shocked, please!!!

And more peeps, brands, companies lend their voices to this noble cause…

In other Social Media Gist;

#EndThe9jaTaxOPads gains major steam








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