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Social Media Voce: Tetanus and Anti-Tetanus Injection Still Raises Confusion?… Why and When You Should Take It.

This is the second issue of our new Social Media Voce… some hot Social Media Topics are considered.

Of all the popular social media handles, Quora in my opinion, allows for users to ask the funniest and weirdest of all questions. 

The surprising thing is that the site’s algorithm channels questions to users with ‘special’ interest in the area relating to the question. I got my fair share of these questions over the weekend on Quora.

I thought i should share some of them on Social Media Voce… I am sure you would learn something new, moreover some of the comments are hilarious…. Keep Reading


Clearly the question on Tetanus and the anti-tetanus shot is a common one even among experts. A lot of doctors and health professionals will agree with me that this is a very usual question from patients/clients.

Now the responses…

Our Response:

Who Really Need an Anti-Tetanus Shot;

Anyone who receives a deep or dirty wound and has not had a booster shot over the last 5 years should have another booster.

A patient in this situation may also be given tetanus immune globulin, which works to prevent infection. It is important that medical attention is sought swiftly as tetanus immune globulin only works for a short time after the injury.

Anti-tetanus toxoid for Women of child-bearing age, 15 years to 45 years has a high clinical significance.


And to mosquitoes…

Who would ever believe this question would come to me?


Imagine a world with mosquitoes with SPINE?

It would have been worse off for all of us… We should be contented with ‘spineless’ mosquitoes.




Urea is a highly soluble organic compound formed in the liver from ammonia produced by a process of demination and is principally the end product of protein catabolism and constitutes about one half of the total urinary solids.

Normally, doctors are not usually bordered with this kind of question, “Which Blood Vessel Is Most Culpable in Urea Excretion?”.

This is because the whole body is a continuous stream of blood vessels. To isolate one vessel as being culpable is grossly marred into clinical insignificance, since urea is a by-product/waste product.

The topic of urea collecting in any blood vessel should not even arise… If it does, then we would be discussing a pathology.

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