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Social Media Voce: Medical Students Resists UCH Fee Hike… while BamTeddy Hitched A Ride To Senator Dino

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To the major issues…

The College of Medicine University of Ibadan was in social media trends…

BamBam and Teddy got hosted by Nigeria’s most vocal senator, Senator Dino Melaye.

Nollywood actress, Genevive melted Nigeria’s twitter space with her Shaku Shaku dance moves. The sixteen seconds video is still trending on twitter.

University College Hospital Versus UI Medical Students

Medical Students of UCH Locked horns with the institution’s authority over two major issues many are calling Injustice.

As the week rolled by with images and graphics of the saga filtered into social media, the medical students seemed resolute to fight this to the end.

It started out as an appeal from within the notable Alexander Brown Hall, the official Hall of Residence for Medical Students.

The students had been locked out and denied access to their lodging.

In the heat of the sun, they stood endlessly, unsure of the next steps to follow.



There had been a 3-day ‘sit-at-home’ instruction from the student leaders over their tuition fee increment. In particular, they are miffed by the Clinical Levy of 100,000 Naira arbitrarily added.

The University of Ibadan Tuition fee for medical students…

Earlier on, outside observer had thought that the students are angry because of the increment in accommodation fee.

But the graphic above and indeed some of the students are even more worried about the Clinical Levy increment than about the accommodation fee increment.

The Analysis… Facts And Figures

The sheer number of all the students, male and female, stranded outside their residence was enough to draw attention.

Even though the authorities of The College of Medicine and the teaching Hospital believe this is the increments are necessary, locking young students outside for exercising their right is a little overboard.

Yet again, the over 100% increment in the tuition fee of the Medical student is worthy of a deeper analysis.

Should UCH Medical Students Pay More?

The University College Hospital, Ibadan is Nigeria’s First (and controversially, the best) teaching hospital, with a wide range of clinical services as it boast top notch professionals and professionals.

It is a first generation, first class medical training facility.

But are these justifiable reason for a tuition fee increment?

A student body called College of Medicine University of Ibadan Students Alliance, COMUIStudent Alliance, provided these graphics.

The graphic shows that College of Medicine, 200 level medical students pays over 90,000 Naira, when compared to other first generation universities like UNN, OAU, ABU etc who on the average charge students less than 50,000.

Note that the poster boy university, Unilag charges 200 level medical students, 20,000.

By all indications and metrics, UCH Medical students would be unjustly paying 293% more than their colleagues in other universities (in their niche).

Should Professional Course Pay More Than Non Professional Courses?

Professional Courses are usually capital intensive and students have to pay accordingly.

Students studying professionals courses would normal write professionals exams to move to the next level… in a strict sense of the phrase, Professional Course.

I have never seen any institution designate courses like ‘Biochemistry’, ‘Anatomy’, or even ‘Physiology’… it is really absurd.

Courses like Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine are Professional Courses… Why were they exempted from the increment?

COMUIStudent Alliance Data Analysis…

Then, an authority responded…

And the response will just stun you, when you think of its implication!!!

Public Comments Weighs In…

Since the medical students pushed the issue to the public court via social media, it has been a total storm;

First, It was sister student medical associations;

Then Private Bodies…

Then Passersby Join In…

The Medical Student’s Updates…

Even as the scenario was playing out, there was a coordinated release of public statements to the public…

 Why #NoTo100k Trended…

The reasons for this trends are manifold.

First the medical students were locked out and treated like their opinion don’t matter.

Medical students in the College of Medicine University of Ibadan Include all students in Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Clinical Nursing, Physiotherapy, Human Nutrition, Medical Laboratory Science, Physiology, Biochemistry.

Other reasons are the inflexible stance of the authorities to the plight of the students…

The power of social media propelled their course. Everyone wants justice for them.

The goodwill and help of observers played a major part too…

And the support kept pouring in!!! Response

Based on our findings and research we believe that the current educational system, as is with the type of government, is grossly faulty.

The Federal Government’s octopus-style funding is unsustainable and stagnating.

The reality is that the teaching hospitals and colleges of Medicine are not receiving enough from the ‘centre’ to function progressively.

So there maybe a need for a review of the current tuition fee but the College of Medicine authorities are going about it the wrong way.

Already, unofficial polls hold that students generally believe that their tuition fees are peanuts compared to state run and privately owned medical colleges.

Holding students to ransom and going the ‘extra mile’ all alone, is a strategy that the College of Medicine University of Ibadan authorities will find unyielding.


If this is a ploy to mask the true essence of the tuition increment.

Is this some form of ‘Course Cleansing’ going on in University College Hospital, Ibadan?

The signs have always been there.

#BBNaija: BamTeddy Grooves To Sen. Dino’s Territory

They have been touring the country since returning to the country.

Remember they are not the winner of the Big Brother Naija show, but their vibe emit victory.

Recently the duo love birds of the #bbnaija house, paid a visit to Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi State.

Fans & Trolls gushing over their vibe…

Geneveive Shaku Shaku Literally Melt The Internet…

The video was a simple 15 seconds clip.

She threw in a few steps…

Now the whole internet, especially twitter is going crazy.

Genevieve got every literally on stand still

Secret Admirers Leap Out

Some Think She is overrated…

Some Go Political…

Some Go Metaphysical…

Some Got Inspired to be Nation-Builders…

Finally, Genevieve got some confused and speechless…


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  1. The increment in school fee is too much, I can’t believe this!

    It is true Federal Government isn’t funding Medical schools as they should. Even if the will increase the fee, it should still be around a total of 50k based on my own opinion.

    It should be increase to 170k+, it’s too much.

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