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Social Media Voce: DrZobo Said “Yes” to DrDiet234, for this reasons – The full Story

On this week of Social Media Voce – Why should you be interested about the romantic live of Dr Zobo and Dr Diet.

DrZobo, whose real name is Dr Chioma Nwankama and DrDiet234, whose real name Collins Akanno got engaged and the internet was practically on meltdown.


With hundreds of people getting engaged weekly, why should DrZobo and DrDiet234 public declaration to get married elicit so much waves.

Before I expose some exclusive facts about this hot couple, you need to understand some basics about them.

About DrDiet234

Meet Collins Akanno on LinkedIn.

Collins Akanno is a young clinical nutritionist and an Entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Diet234, a company dedicated to delivering a holistic human health via preventive medicine through good nutrition.

He is a professional that leverages social media tools to further the aims and objectives of his company.

Collins Akanno celebrated his birthday earlier this week… PhotoCredit – Collins Akanno

According to his LinkedIn Profile, Collins have rich educational background as a dietician and nutritionist. He also say he is an Entrepreneur.

I can quickly guess that the handsome Collins must be a lover of a good and healthy diet.

Yes!!! How else can we explain his healthy and trim looks?

About DrZobo

Many people have referred to her as ‘astonishing’ but Dr Chioma Nwankama, a medical doctor is also the Founder of SMILE With Me Foundation.

Her Foundation is dedicated to bridging the yawning gap between health service providers and the public.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she apparently have so many skills and interests for a young lady. But this is exactly what has endeared her to her followers who love her selfless disposition in the pursuit of a better society.

She have been featured on the BBC for her role as an influencer in Nigeria’s health industry.

Why did DrZobo say YES to DrDiet234?

The genesis of their love started some years ago in the comment section of one of Nigeria’s leading health influencer – Dr Kel Okoro, Twitter @healthertainer.

Hours after the news broke on social media about the engagement bliss and the internet was agog with the publicly declared love, she took to her Twitter to share her joy… after all the couple are her close friends.

Now for the reasons why she said YES!!!

1). Was it Love at first sight?

The couple first met in the comment section of Dr Kel Okolo. It is very possible it is not love at first sight. However what I am sure about is that the love was nurtured and groomed.

Oh Yes!!! I would not not claim to know them a 100%, but at least I think i know them 55%, since we are all in the same health influencer and innovator WhatsApp group – the Health Hub.

Before now, I thought it was a coincidence that where ever DrZobo appeared in public, DrDiet234 is so close at hang. I mean practically every selfie where DrDiet234 appeared, DrZobo was somewhere in the background.

I noticed all these, and as usual I pondered the meaning in my heart.

So, it was love that have been growing and can no longer be hidden!!!

2). Both of them are have the same interest.

DrZobo and DrDiet234 share a striking similarity in their interest and passion.

They love to use social media tools to impact and cause a change, even though they both have different audience/followers.

Both of them have high taste of fashion and looking good… Believe me when I say, DrZobo loves adorn the best fabrics and looks. DrDiet234 is looks dapper and savvy, all the time

When they are together, they form a perfect infectious blend of beauty.

As usual, I pondered this in my heart.

3). They are best friends

DrZobo was not originally based in Lagos. She is a proud lady who was based in the ancient city of Aba (not sure if that is her place of origin though).

I still remembered when she announced that she would be moving to Lagos, it was DrDiet234 who was on hand to show her round the city of Lagos. Like I said, both of them were just together in all the photos (I remember thinking to myself – “Oh not this two again”).

It made me conclude, at the time, that these two must have been besties from the university.

Alas, I was shocked to learn otherwise – DrZobo schooled in Abia State University, while DrDiet234 schooled in Imo State University.

So you see, why it is important to cherish good friends all the time?

In the usually fashion – I pondered this in my heart.

I have no reason to ponder any more… for I am thrilled too by this news. Congratulations once again!!!


Everybody that mattered on Twitter NG, small and big, especially those related to health/medical niche, poured into the timeline of DrZobo and DrDiet234.

It was like an avalanche of comments and congratulatory messages when Nigeria most influential blogger Linda Ikeji saluted the newly engaged couple.

In case you missed what Linda Ikeji Blog posted about DrZobo-DrDiet234 engagement, then click to read!!!

Other major blogs followed the path of Linda Ikeji too…

Comment Section – The best place to find love or not?

Dr Kel’s Comment section have raised the bar for dating and it inspired many too!!!

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