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Social Media Voce: 2019 Health Goals you should adopt.

On Social Media Voce – This is a belated post. It is here anyways…

Now if you are reading this post it means we all made it into 2019. I am particularly thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be able to keep doing what I love to do best.

Now, lets get to the main point of this post;

On the Eve of Christmas, and into the new year, Nigerians were particularly emotional about doing right in 2019. In this new year, most tweeps decided not to keep new year resolutions. What trended was ‘Goals’ – under the hashtag of #2019HealthGoals.

The originator of the hashtag is twitter user @healthertainer – Dr Kelechi Okoro.

I did a compilation of some tweets by health influencers and tweeps… hope it helps you determine your 2019 too!!!

First My Recommendation;

And it became personal…

And Here are the cutest medics online for the new year… Do you agree!!!

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