Last week, social media was abuzz with some posts that appeared controversial in itself, but were all totally true. The Economist tweeted a rather interesting finding that seemed to suggest that more men are dying from Prostate and relatively fewer women are dying from breast cancer. FACT! Read about the finding here

A perfect example of when statistics are misleading, The Economist post goes on to disprove the finding and summarily conclude that Breast Cancer is still the second leading cause of death globally, after lung cancer.

Latest Lassa Fever Mortality Figures… Nigeria Center for Disease Control Fact Sheet 

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) is the equivalent of America’s CDC, responsible for coordinating, responding to and preventing infectious epidemics. This is a crucial part of the government body.

The NCDC tweeted this infographic detailing the highlights of this recent Lassa Fever Epidemic that started in Ebonyi state. The figures are simply not encouraging even as the epidemic have now spread to Delta state, yet the government assures all that they have got it under control.

The report above show that so far there have been 10 deaths recorded affecting health care workers. The death of the young House Officer at the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja drew was drew public outcry prompting the Minister of Health to utter the unfortunate statement that have made health care givers, doctors & nurses inclusive, to reconsider the oath taken to put the life of the patient first.


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