This is a sad news coming from Sierra Leone, a west Africa country. The country has not reported any new case of Ebola Virus Disease, following successful efforts at controlling the spread of the virus. But with a new reported case of the death of a 67 year old woman and the increasing stricter control measures put in place, it leaves little room for any renewed hope.

Officials of Sella Kafta village in the Northern District of Kambia have imposed a 3 weeks lock down on the village following the death of the female trader.

This is what a official of the district Ebola response office had to say;

“Over 970 people are being monitored under quarantine as there is information that they had had some contact with the deceased woman who tested positive after her death

“From those under quarantine, 48 are considered as high risk and they are in various holding centres in the district and not treatment centres, as none of them have exhibited any signs and symptoms of Ebola.”


However officials have had to quarantine the village with a numerical strength of about 1000 persons.


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