Research: Taking A Bus Is Safer Than Driving Your Private Car

You know how it is that everybody is rushing off to get a new private ride?

Those shining ones that speaks more about more about class than about the actual need for moving from point A to point B?

How is it that most people believe that public bus transport systems (Metro systems) is too hectic and chaotic.

Well, this new study concludes that taking the bus is a whole lot safer than taking the car. Can you imagine that? This was released according to a new study led by the Université de Montréal Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM) and published in the Journal of Urban Health.


Already National Data suggests that road traffic accidents remain one of the commonest cause of Accident & Emergency Admissions.

The study, based on the Island of Montreal, looked at the risk of injury along the 10 busiest bus routes. It showed that the risk is four times greater for car occupants than for bus occupants.

Besides looking at specific routes, the study is the first to compare the effect of car and bus use on the safety of pedestrians and cyclists per kilometer traveled, car trips were associated with a greater number of pedestrian injuries (four times more), cyclist injuries (five times more), and fatal and severe injuries (five times more) compared to bus trips.

There were 28 times more seriously injured people in cars (278 over 10 years, including 19 deaths) than bus occupants (10 seriously injured, no deaths). Forty-two pedestrians and three cyclists were killed by cars, versus four pedestrians and zero cyclists by bus.

Why is bus travel safer? For one, drivers are professionally trained. Second, they drive more slowly than cars. Third, buses travel along designated routes and usual stick to the right lane, which make them more predictable in traffic. Fourth, far fewer buses than cars are needed to transport the same number of people.

With these new data revelations does this mean more people will be ditching their cars to jump into a bus to move around?… That is a Big NOO!!! The privacy and superstar feel gotten from owning a car would continue to push for more people preferring a car ride than taking a bus ride.


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