The entire 70,000 Nigerian Medical Students from the 39 colleges of medicine in the federal republic of Nigeria unreservedly condemn the incessant spate of kidnappings and assault of medical doctors in Cross Rivers State and environs.

Our voices resonate deeply in protest over this dastardly act. This cruel act is gravely criminal and unjust not only to the victims but to the larger society as well. The frequency of attacks and the impunity afforded to these perpetrators demands strong, sustained, and fearless action at both the local and national level as well. It contravenes both local and international conventions even in cases of armed conflicts. (United Nations Security Council Resolution2286)

Thus, we demand the security agencies concerned to act swiftly and bring the perpetrators to book.

We state strongly that the short term and long term implications of this cruel act, among which include: suspension of medical services, suspension of medical education, psychological trauma on health personnel which may invariably affect quality of care, flight of health worker/brain drain and degradation of healthcare infrastructure. On the receiving end are the innocent patients and clients who need the services of the health workers

We express our solidarity to the Cross Rivers Nigerian Medical Association led by Dr E. Nkpanam and assure them of our support in these trying times.


God bless NiMSA

God bless NMA

God bless Nigeria


Boris Nwachukwu (NiMSA National President)

Iragunima Gideon (NiMSA Secretary General)



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