PRESS RELEASE: DKT Nigeria 3-Month Pack for Levofem OCP.

DKT Nigeria has completed registration of the 3-months pack for Levofem daily oral contraceptive pills.

Levofem 3-months pack contains three blisters of 21 pills with Levonorgestrel 0.15mg + Ethinylestradiol 0.03mg which prevents pregnancy for three months. Each blister also contains 7 pills with Ferrous Fumarate 75mg.


Levofem is a safe, low-dose, combined oral contraceptive pill used by millions of Nigerian women to effectively prevent pregnancy. The 3-months pack is expected to improve compliance and continuation rates because one pack contains pills sufficient for three months, thereby eliminating any delay in starting another month of Levofem.

Most importantly, DKT has priced the Levofem 3-months pack so that the third blister is given for free! Ultimately, the woman pays for only two blisters but gets three blisters instead!  

Each pack contains a monthly reminder sticker which can be placed on the mirror, computer, desk or any other place to serve as a subtle reminder to take the pill daily and help the woman in tracking her progress.   

DKT Nigeria is a dynamic social marketing organization that provides couples with effective, safe, affordable and quality options for family planning and HIV prevention.

DKT Nigeria owns a vast contraceptive portfolio which includes condoms, emergency pills, daily pills, injectables,  implants and IUDs and ensures all the contraceptive options are available and accessible in all parts of the country.  

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