It is no news that today marks day 74 that the members of the Association of Resident Doctors have been on indefinite withdrawal of services.

It is also no news that the management , board and Oyo state government is FULLY aware of this industrial crisis.

The reason for the actions are not far fetched: poor working conditions, persistent payment of percentage salary, poor funding of residency training, dearth of man power, incomplete infrastructural development, neglect of the hospital amongst others.

It has been obvious to all that our members are  being paid twenty eight percent (28%) salary since January 2016 with twelve months salary being owed.

What is interesting is the repeated obviation to the solution of the aforementioned problems by the Oyo state government through relentless media propaganda of “leakages”, “intended audit” and “restructuring ” in the last fourteen month with no visible result but reckless abandon of the lives of our members to unlimited hardships.

We want to state clearly that the Association of Resident Doctors LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso has never and will never support any acts to pilfer, launder or to decimate the finances and resources of the hospital through illegal acts of corruption. The hospital is replete with evidence of this our relentless resolve to transparency, equity and due diligence.

We feel that for personal reasons the acting board chairman cum Hon Commissioner for health is playing politics with the welfare of our  members and the lives of the citizens of Oyo state by his repeated excuses with no result after a year. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE CAN BE DONE IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT THE LITANY OF EXCUSES AIMED AT SCORING PERSONAL POINTS.

The same excuse was given last year, same in March for which we suspended our initial action and same on August 29,2017 when our national president paid him a visit but alas it is all excuses but no visible solution!!!

We also will like to say that the board chairman is meant to oversee and approve spendings in the hospital as well as ensure the smooth running of the hospital by the Chief Medical Director. Therefore , should there be claims of “leakages” it means the board and management should be held responsible.

While we encourage the Oyo state government and Commissioner for health  to make haste at finding solutions to our problems, we will also advise that the litany of excuses without solution for over a year should stop in the interest of the good people of Ogbomoso, Oyo state and Nigeria at large whose lives are jeopardised through these dilly-dallying on finding solutions to our demands.

We will continue to call on  traditional rulers, stakeholders, political stalwarts , religious leaders and all the good people of Oyo state to prevail on the government to find solutions to our problems in the interest of all especially in this era of epidemics.








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