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Pregnancy Prevention Call Centre 55059: 10 reasons why Nigerians would love this.

Couples simply want to have fun and enjoy the natural act of copulation. Some others may not be ready to nurse a new baby for varying reasons, including career progression, financial burden, complete family size etc.

What better way to enhance health than through the use of technology. Start ups and medical companies are leveraging the true power of tech to give a better life (even among couples) to all.

But the fact is that many times pregnancy is as a result of sexual intercourse. Couples who are not prepared may never be able to give the best to the baby.

These 10 Awesome Reasons is enough to get Nigerians hooked up to Call 55059

After the launch of the Call centre some two weeks ago, we sampled the opinions of some of our loyal readers, and this is what we found out from our followers;

POINT 1. Nigerians love to talk

Nigerians have a good and robust chit-chat spirit and vibe. This is why most telecom companies have been largely successful. In business, social, or religious life, people love to be heard.

I can quickly say that an avenue to chat with a health professional about pregnancy prevention would most likely be an easy route to learn, and unlearn, about how to prevent pregnancy.

POINT 2. Pregnancy is important for an average Nigerian woman… Timing is everything

Nigeria have a population that is young and vibrant, with a large proportion of this being young women, who love to have ‘fun’ but are not ready to have a child. Pregnancy is perceived as an exclusive domain of married women.

So the timing for this matters in the life of a young lady. The Pregnancy prevention Call Center would be a good tool for this.

POINT 3. Calls are Free

Honey and Banana

The Call 55059 is FREE…

A huge number of people love freebies that garnished with loads of benefits.

I tired the number and confirmed it…

You can Call 55059 too, but make sure that you have at least one important pregnancg prevention question for them.

POINT 4. Calls are confidential

As a Call centre, client information is protected by extant laws and operational principles and guidelines.

Privacy and confidentiality will keep more Nigerians moving on to this platform, hopefully!!!

POINT 5. Experts Opinion is given through each call in local Languages.

So you are covered in five different languages.

Nothing is as bad as bad communication and everything is well when you communicate in a language that you feel at home with.

So, the Call Service speaks callers in Nigeria’s three major ethnic languages – Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. The default language is officially English Language, but the widely accepted pidgin language is also an option.

POINT 6. Pregnancy prevention is dicey. A Medical Expert walks with you.

Trained medical experts on request, speak to clients about their options at pregnancy prevention.

The Call centre leverages technology giving the client the ability to be close to an expert at anytime, any day.

POINT 7. It gives options for greater choice.

Before now, choices at how to prevent pregnancy were limited.

Women practically have to go see a doctor in a hospital for counselling on the available options to prevent pregnancy, even in marriage.

This would change because medical experts can be spoken and accredited hospital networks accessed via the system in place.

8). A step by step walk through the process

Not wanting another baby after a previous pregnancy, is the desire of some women. This could be quite confusing and exhausting to follow through.

A Call centre of this nature, with medical experts on board, ensures that these ladies are guided daily along the path they choose.

The process can never be this good.

POINT 9. Non Judgemental discussion, enhances relationship.

The public opinion about pregnancy prevention is still stiff and rigid.

A lot of women know this and would prefer to avoid this.

Medical professionals offer non-judgemental. The Call Centre totally eliminate any form of this.

10). In the end, quackery will be stomped out of the yard

The Call Centre is under the supervision on the relevant government agencies responsible for the health of the public.

If this and many more are established, Nigerians would have no need to patronize quacks who remain a major downside to the country’s progress.


Pregnancy Prevention remains the choice of the couple, and primarily the choice of the woman.

The options created by this Call Centre is new, fresh and not on a scale ever witnessed in Nigeria.

Placing a Call to 55059 should be life saving and life enriching for all who wish to have the service. It may naturally lead to a period when ladies would eventually to get pregnant and are fit in pregnancy.

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