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Social Media Voce: Patient’s Bill of Rights Demo Vid get bad acceptance among nurses.

This week on Social Media Voce, we cautiously rejoice that Nigerians can now insists on their rights, through the Patient’s Bill of Rights, to good healthcare services from healthcare providers.

The Patient’s Bill of Rights outlines, in clear terms, what the rights of a patient are whenever he/she goes to a hospital or health facility.

Although the Patient’s Bill of Rights is the brain child of the Consumer Protection Council CPC, the Vice President of Nigeria was present, among other top government functionaries, to launch this bill.

Here is the full speech of the Vice President of Nigeria at Launch of the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

What is a Patient’s Bill of Rights?

patient’s bill of rights is a list of guarantees for those receiving medical care. It may take the form of a law or a non-binding declaration. Typically a patient’s bill of rights guarantees patients information, fair treatment, and autonomy over medical decisions, among other rights.

It is no longer news that Nigeria’s health care sector is at its lowest ebb. So, this Bill of Rights is perceived as a sweet smell amidst decay and rot in the health sector.

Now that the country have a legal document for patients, it is only proper we let you know what this Patient’s Bill of Rights is all about.

The patient’s bill of rights trended on social media, especially on twitter, but many medical practitioners think the effect of this document is lost on a number of people and may be dead on arrival. I will tell you why this is so, shortly.

The 12 Key Areas of the Patient’s Bill of Rights

For maximum reach and effectiveness, the Consumer’s Protection Council of Nigeria released an abridged version of the ‘bill’. Even as I understand the rationale for this abridged (reduced) version, the full version should equally be made available for access by the public.

1). Right to relevant information in a language and manner the patient understands, including diagnosis, treatment, other procedures and possible outcomes.

2). Right of timely access to detailed, and accurate medical records and available services.

3). Right to transparent billing and full disclosure of any costs, including recommended treatment plans.

4). Right to privacy, and confidentiality of medical records.

5). Right to clean, safe and secure healthcare environment.

6). Right to be treated with respect, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, allegation of crime, disability or economic situation.

7). Right to receive urgent, immediate and sufficient interventions and care, in the event of an emergency.

8). Right to reasonable visitation in accordance with prevailing rules and regulations.

9). Right to decline care, subject to prevailing laws and upon full disclosure of the consequences of such a decision.

10). Right to decline or consent to participation in medical research, experimental procedures, clinical trails.

11). Right to quality care in accordance with prevailing standards.

12). Right to complain and express dissatisfaction regarding services received.

Patient’s Bill of Rights Trends on Social Media… Nigerians applaud the launch;

The official twitter handles of the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria and Vice President Prof Osinbajo put out some tweet posts and videos, to herald the launch.

Nurses Kick Hard

But the government made a serious error in a demo video released at the launch of the bill.

Nurses were at depicted in a bad light and roles in the demo video. It attracted the wrath of Nurses…





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