Paediatric Surgeons are so awesome… This Junior Doctor totally believes so

Nigeria’s first class government hospital, The National Hospital Abuja was all agog today. It was all over the news. An American-based Nigerian Paediatric surgeon, Prof. Olutoye Olayinka, reputed to have carried out a successful procedure on a 23-week old fetus, visited the hospital and many workers, including an intern doctor, Dr Agbo Desmond, was so inspired by the visit.

He shared his experience and some heart warming photos of a visit that turned to be an event… Read his account below:

Professor Oluyinka Olutoye, a Nigerian trained and US certified pediatric surgeon who performed a world class Fetal surgery (last year) stormed National Hospital Abuja today with his team.

It was awesome.

Last year, Prof Olutoye and his team carried out an operation on a baby with ‘Sacrococcygeal teratoma’ at 23 weeks gestation and returned the baby to her mother’s womb.

The news soon spread round the world and Prof Olutoye became the reference point. He received encomiums from many world leaders including the Nigerian President.

You would recall that in 2015, Prof Olutoye was one out of three Nigerian medical Doctors that successfully separated conjoined twins in a surgery that made the headlines in the American media and the world.

Today, he decided to visit National Hospital with his team to give a breakdown of the Procedure. Seasoned Professors, Consultants and other Doctors were present. ‘Heavy weight’ questions were thrown at them and they answered the questions accurately.

He went forward to correct that all of the baby was not removed from the uterus( womb) as alleged by the media. He said that would make the uterus to collapse and make it difficult for the pregnancy to continue. He added that only some part of the developing baby was removed and maintained with ringers lactate. This removed part was returned back to the uterus after the surgery.

He was honoured by Professors and Consultants from his alma mater who praised him for making them proud.

I congratulated him at the end and told him it was a privilege meeting him. Then I went ahead to ask him some questions and he answered it exhaustively. He encouraged me (thereafter) as a father would encourage a son.

I learnt Dr Olutoye is an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.


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