LAUTECH-teaching-hospital front gateLAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso, the only tertiary centre in the whole of Oyo state civil service where postgraduate clinical specialist training occurs, delivers quality healthcare, trains doctors in postgraduate specialization and engages in ground breaking researches for the best of healthcare delivery to the teeming populace.

The efforts of the state government are appreciated at sustaining these tripartite blueprints on which the hospital was put in place.

The aforementioned supposes that ceteris paribus the worker should deliver hundred percent healthcare without any hindrances. Disturbing is the fact that this is not the case.

Residency training by resident doctors is not financially supported by the state government as against the expected state financed and supported training of specialist. Manpower is grossly inadequate for the degree of services and time put into care of patients and the need for a galvanising effort for ground breaking researches. Equipment and infrastructural facilities are not delivered or installed for proper care of patient in line with international best practices.

Welfare of our members (resident doctors and house officers) has a long way to go. Last salary received was for November, 2015. Juxtaposing the need for delivery of healthcare devoid of distraction with the salary drought in the face of unrelenting social responsibilities leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

Our members have been on indefinite withdrawal of services since the 25th of April, 2016 in a bid to ensure full care of our patients by our members devoid of any hitches from the aforementioned encumbrances. This followed an initial five day warning strike following expiration of several ultimata running over six months with management not having seen to it even just before and after the warning strike.

We continue to appeal (following previous calls) to well meaning citizens of Ogbomoso, Oyo state and Nigeria, policy makers, legislators and traditional rulers to wade in to ensure our patients are not denied care.

We equally continue to appeal to the Executive Governor of Oyo state to use his fatherly disposition to look into the aforementioned matters in furtherance to the previously stated appeals in our letter to his Excellency.

We are and have always being disposed to the total care of the populace.

Long Live LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso.

Long Live Oyo State.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr S.O. Oiwoh President
Dr A.O. Alabi General Secretary


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