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NHIS Boss Is Vindicated, He is Doing the Right Thing – @AdeyanjuDeji

There is a flurry of activities around the word ‘NHIS’. The National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS, have been on social media for ‘bad’ reasons. Only sour tasting stories keep pouring out of this government body that is responsible for regulating Health Insurance in Nigeria.

By law, the NHIS is expected to work closely with accredited Health Maintenance Organization and Health Service Providers to ensure adequate, accessible and affordable healthcare for all Nigerians.

However, the main issue with the scheme has been attributed to the NHIS Executive Secretary, Prof Usman Yusuf. He recently had a frontal battle with the Minister of Health after he warned that the Minister of Health has no powers to remove him from office.

The President was out of the country at this time. But upon his return from his medical trip, he promptly re-instated the embattled NHIS Boss. The country’s anti-corruption watchdog had cleared him of any misgivings.

Now, a few days ago, the NHIS Council also towed the path of the Minister of Health. The Council accused him of 9 Misgivings and subsequently placed him on suspension with immediate effect. But, like before, the NHIS Boss has warned the council that have no powers to suspend or sack him.

Everybody reels out the same story about Mr Usman Yusuf. He appears untouchable and above the law. He has reneged against superiors and authorities all the while citing that only Mr President can sack him.

Are his actions legal and supported by ‘powers that be’, or is there more than meets the eye?

Adeyanju Deji, Convener of Concerned Nigeria, discusses the problems in a new light on Twitter. It is best to get the full details of what is truly happening in the NHIS.


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