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MY EXPERIENCE: In medical school, you need to be bold.

Hello most esteemed readers, TGIF it’s being a stressful week, and I am glad it’s time to rest. Permit me to share my experience this week with you.

Being on Medicine and Surgery posting is really tasking, my colleagues can attest to that truth. Despite the challenge, it has been my most interesting session as a medical student.

This week, I clerked (to ask questions about patient’s illness) 4 patients WOW!!! At this stage of my studies, I am only expected to clerk patients. However on 2 occasions, one of my lecturers had insistently hammered on examination of patients after taking their history. So this week, I took the bold step of examining my patients thoroughly after clerking them. It not only felt worth while, it felt fulfilling… to have taken the next step in my clinical skills, to learn and to be bold.

It may seem a cliché to many of us to say that practice makes perfect. Its a truth that stares at us at face which we ignore. Developing ones clinical skills starts with practice. Clerking patients, examining them, and trying to make a diagnosis is an interesting enterprise which as a doctor; that skill is very important.

If you are a medical student reading this article, I encourage you to clerk patients as often as you can. Nobody would ask you not to, the only activity you are prevented from doing as a medical student is to prescribe treatment for a patients. Take the bold step and make your studies count!!!


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