Good Afternoon health delight readers and a happy new week to you all. It’s so good to be back and bring to health tips and information regarding health especially that of the female gender. Today, I would be stressing on the serious issue of sagging breast. Sagging breast does not occur naturally except in some very few people’s cases but occurs from time to time especially from the time a woman puts to birth and onward. Reason for these are unknown. Some come earlier than others. Some can’t even get to wear some sexy outfits they used to wear. Some even experience this before they clock 30 years of age. This prevents a lady from taking pride in the normal fullness, firmness and integrity of the breast. From my own point of view, i was able to point out reasons why woman encounter sagging breast.

1. Lack of exercise

This is a major issue especially in young women. They have the notion that if the partake in exercise or workout or jogging, it would reduce the size of their breasts, But that is not true. Others would say that they don’t want to have muscles. But body- building which the guys normally do is different from regular exercise. There is a major ligament that holds the breast in that position known as the suspensory ligament of breast.
The strength of this ligament would determine the position of the breast.The key to defeating this issue of sagging breast is by doing regular exercise especially those that concerns the chest and shoulder areas like planking, push-ups, pull-ups, lifting little weights like dumbbells, and even yoga would strengthen the ligaments connecting the breast to the chest and also gives the breast a firmer look and feel.

2. Carrying of baby on the back (backing baby)

This is common in our country, Nigeria, especially for mothers who use a wrapper to tie their baby at their back when ever they are going to the market or washing or movement. It is sometimes to keep the baby asleep so that they can carry on with their day to day activities. From my point of view, i realized that the weight of this child on the breast is much pressing the woman’s breast down. In some cases it painful after a long period of time.

I would recommend a baby carrier, although some people may not be able to afford it, but it would be very helpful. It is easy to wear/put on, because it resembles a backpack/school bag and its easy to wear and remove and the baby’s comfort and mother’s comfort is rest assured.

3. Not Wearing the Right type of Bra


Every woman should at each stage of her life know the size of her breasts and also the size of bras to be worn at different purposes. There are different bras: the push-ups, the strapless, the stick-ons, the sports bras and so on.

Wearing a normal/ push-up bra for a jogging exercise would cause discomfort while jogging as the breast would be popping out of the bra from time to time and can cause pain to the owner. The same goes for wearing a smaller or too tight bra , chest pains can even occur.

4. Sleeping Face-down

This is very common as some women are victims and some times unconsciously sleep in this position. Sleeping face-up is way better and would prevent onset of chest pains and reduce the risk of sagging breast.

There a ways to reduce the onset/ risk of having sagging breast like;

1. Massaging the breast with oil/ moisturizer especially coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil at least 10mins after taking your bath morning and evening, 2-3 times a week to increase blood flow to the chest areas and massage in circular motion and gently.

2. Practice good sitting and standing postures: It is proper to sit upright with chests out and not slouch to prevent breasts from falling.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this and wish a lot of women would be able to read this and be better for it. Do share it to all ladies/women.

Remain Informed and Stay Healthy.

Thank you and have a great week.


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