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Modern Medicine or Traditional Medicine, which is the best option for our modern lifestyle?

A look around the world shows that our current lifestyle, though modern in outlook, may be a major contributor to some of the common illness affecting man today. But the question that logically follows is, Should we rely on newer medical therapies and protocols? or should we simply pedal a few years back and adopt the traditional medicines our fore fathers used?

Overall, I believe that humans must look ahead into the future by creating newer techniques and solutions that can take care of all health-related issues that may have arisen from our newer way of life. This is certainly not to say that traditional medicine has nothing to offer us in this time and age, but having to rely on its crude, unpolished and unscientific processes would cause more harm than good to its users.

The making of modern drugs is usually subjected to a series of research and studies. In reality, a new drug is only approved for public consumption after the authorities ensure that it is safe, first for animals, then for volunteer subjects, and finally for the public. This rigorous process is backed by empirical values and scientifically determined stages, which are measurable and reproducible. Traditional medicines fall far behind on this point.

Newer therapies and treatment options are characterized by the possibility of predicting complications or adverse effects from its use. So unlike unorthodox medicines, modern medicare is guided by trained personnel and limited when complications come up. Trained personnel including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists etc, are experts a trained at detecting errors and complications in the process. Traditional medicines have a loose end in this regard.

In conclusion, newer methods of solving patient health needs are empirical, scientific, measurable and guided by limits with trained professionals navigating the results to excellence. These professionals understand the art and science of medicine as it related to effectiveness in users. Traditional medicine on the other hand is unscientific and an ‘open-field” detrimental to patients/clients.

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