It so happens that one of you, our loyal readers, have showed what it truly mean to be loyal. He has shown a certain understanding about the need for more Nigerians to be informed, especially with regards to our health.

It was a tough call, considering that a lot of you, our dear readers, continue to push for the growth and prosperity of this blog. But the choice had to be made!!! One young man stands out among the 3 selected contenders.

I am happy to announce that Chibuzo Onyesoh John is our personality for this week. He becomes the first among a series of others to come.

Chibuzo 1

It has always been my firm belief that ‘hard work should be rewarded’. This could come either as a recognition or as an award. It is base on this that I decided to recognise this young 200 level student studying Medical Laboratory Science, in the Madonna University, Nigeria.

From the inception of this blog he has always been an active player on the Doctors Quarters Facebook Group as well as following events on the Fan Page. He has shown that he wants the information gotten on this blog to be spread to as much persons as possible. He has continually proven that social media as a tool, should be used to optimise the health of Nigerians, by his constant visit to this blog.

Chibuzo’s hobbies are reading and travelling. His dislike is failure, hence his hard work!!

As recognise him today, he wants the world to know that, “All great achievements require time”.

Since he has proven to be outstanding, I offer him a recharge card of his chosen service provider; a token equivalent of #1000.

See more stunning photos of Personality of The Week!!

Chibuzo 4
Chibuzo with his peeps!!!
Chibuzo 2
Chibuzo Onyesoh John

Chibuzo 3

Congratulations and Cheers Chibuzo.


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