The hashtag, #MDCNLicense, was trending on twitter some hours ago. The agitation is simple; why should even the Medical and dental council be so disorganized, up to a point that graduated medical doctors are turned back home from different NYSC Camps, denying them the right to serve.

MDCN as the official body established by law, regulates all activities of medical doctors in the country, including medical education, resolution of medical practice etc. The council recently instituted a policy, in collaboration with National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, where graduated medical doctors and dentists who are ready to serve can only do that if the have the license-to-practice with them. This is where the problem is!!!

‘The sluggishness of the system is unbeatable’, the exact words of a victim of the policy of MDCN. I also gather that this may have been a yearly problem, yet the officials concerned may not be to bothered to look into the matter.

See the reactions of Nigerians, doctors and non-doctors alike;

IMG_20151031_001552 IMG_20151031_002150 IMG_20151031_002221 IMG_20151031_002238Let us give these young doctors the proper motivation. It becomes totally unfair to treat them as lesser humans and expect them to live up to the title we reposed on them.

Join the movement to halt this maltreatment today by using the hashtag, #MDCNLicense, for twitter and instagram users!!!




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