Coronavirus is new to the human race, with many people calling it the Nouvel Virus

It is like we are grappling in the dark to find a bearing that guarantees success in the care and treatment of the sick.

The World Health Organization WHO has published an interim guideline and advice on the use of masks in this COVID-19 pandemic. However, this post focuses on the segment that helps health workers and staff in the hospital setting.

World Health Organization Interim Guideline for Healthcare workers:

WHO provides guidance for the use of PPE, including masks, by health care workers in the guidance document: Rational use of Personal Protective Equipments PPE is in the context of COVID-19.

Here we provide advice for people visiting a health care setting:

Symptomatic people visiting a health care setting should:

• Wear a medical mask while waiting in triage or other areas and during transportation within the facility; • Not wear a medical mask when isolated in a single room, but cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with disposable paper tissues. Tissues must be disposed of appropriately, and hand hygiene should be performed immediately afterward.

Health care workers should:

• Wear a medical mask when entering a room where patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are admitted.
• Use a particulate respirator at least as protective as a US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health certified N95, European Union standard FFP2, or equivalent when performing or working in settings where aerosol-generating procedures, such as tracheal intubation, non-invasive ventilation, tracheotomy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, manual ventilation before intubation, and bronchoscopy are performed.

• Full infection prevention and control guidance for health care workers are provided here. One study that evaluated the use of cloth masks in a health care facility found that health care workers using cotton cloth masks were at increased risk of infection compared with those who wore medical masks. Therefore, cotton cloth masks are not considered appropriate for health care workers. As for other PPE items, if the production of cloth masks for use in health care settings is proposed locally in situations of shortage or stock out, a local authority should assess the proposed PPE according to specific minimum standards and technical specifications.

DoctorsQuarters Observation and Advisory for the Nigerian Medical and Health care workers;

  • Stop bringing computer and handbags to the hospital
  • Don’t bring money purse and watch to hospital. Just a money card and some notes should be enough
  • At home – leave mobile phone case in car and just take the naked phone to your house
  • No fomites (phones, remote, ipads) on beds at home and even duty rooms in the hospital.
  • Cleaning spectacles and car keys with antiseptic solutions on arriving at the hospital and just before leaving.
  • Change into hospital scrubs first thing when you arrive and back into home clothes just before leaving.


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